The Crystal Oversouls Healing Cards


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44 beautiful cards designed for meditation contemplation healing and guiding the user deep within. The accompanying 66 page book contains messages drawn from the author's direct experience with the crystal oversouls. Together the cards and book build a map, representing the potential and many stages of our collective unfolding during this time in human evolution.

Michael says "The mandalas in this book impression of each of the crystal oversoul's consciousness and spirit...To my understanding an oversoul is the collective soul or master that all individual crystals in its field will identify and communicate with. When we work thus, for example with an Ajoite, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint, its oversoul."

Michael is the chairman of ACHO - Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations, England's leading governing body in Crystal Healing. He has been working in the crystal field, healing and teaching for over 20 years.

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