Tarot Bag : Green Velvet Triskele


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Deep green velvet tarot bag with contrasting triskele embroidery and satin lining.

Body of bag (i.e. below the drawstring) measures approx. 170 x 150 mm at the narrowest point.

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Tarot Bag : Green Velvet Triskele Reviews

This attractive deep green velvet bag with its contrasting gold-coloured embroidery and trimmings features the ancient Celtic symbol of the Triskele, showing the outward flow of energy that is forever returning to its source. Interestingly, this symbol is not only associated with the Celts, for whom it symbolised both the three known realms of material existence, Land, Sea and Sky, as well as the three cycles of life, but it has also been found in pre-Columbian cultures in America. For the Hopi, it represented the concept of homecoming. Most obviously, this bag is ideal for housing Celtic decks such as the Wildwood Tarot, but in view of the universality of this symbol it could also be used to house a deck such as the Native American Tarot.Mordreth

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