Tarot Bag : Black Velvet Snug Red Satin


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5" x 8" (approx. 12.5 x 20 cm) black velvet bag with colored satin lining and drawstring. This bag's narrow style is perfect for keeping those precious decks snug! Will fit most standard size decks (up to around 7 x 12 cm.)newdecks

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Tarot Bag : Black Velvet Snug Red Satin Reviews

The vibrant red satin lining contrasts beautifully with the black velvet fabric of this aptly named snug tarot bag which comfortably houses any standard Rider-Waite-Coleman sized pack. Cards can be easily either placed in or removed from the bag, and the snug fit ensures that they donít move around in the bag so, as long as youíre not wanting to keep something such as a crystal with your cards Ė and a small one could still fit in should you want to it to Ė this bag makes a safe, protective home for your cards. Because the bag is thicker than the satin bags, itís particularly well-suited to housing a deck you may be planning to carry around in a bag with other things.Mordreth

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