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Amethyst has a multitude of benefits. It promotes spiritual awareness, helping you to tune into your intuition and develop your psychic powers. It can also protect you from negativity and has a strong, reassuring energy that can help in times of stress, sadness or upheaval. It aids clarification and understanding and is also reputed to tackle restless sleep and give good clear dreams.

Tumblestones are gemstones that have been tumble polished with abrasives until they are smooth, shiny and pleasing to handle. Just the act of turning the stones over in your hands can be very soothing and help you to get into the right frame of mind for reading tarot or any other spiritual work. They also look nice displayed in bowls around your home and can help create a positive vibe. You could also try keeping one or two stones with your favourite tarot deck.

Small tumblestones weigh around 5g.

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The small amethyst tumblestones I ordered arrived today and they are lovely. Like rose quartz, amethyst tumblestones are ones I like to have a few of in my bag at all times. When someone is upset or highly stressed, it’s a great stone to be able to pull out and offer them, particularly if they are unaware of crystals and how calming they can be.Mordreth

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