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Red Jasper is a very down-to-earth stone which is associated with protection and grounding. It has a calm, practical energy that can help you get things done and put things right when they've got out of balance. It can calm your emotions and help you evaluate things honestly. Like other stones of the Jasper family, it is an excellent healing crystal and can help you feel connected to the earth.

Tumblestones are gemstones that have been tumble polished with abrasives until they are smooth, shiny and pleasing to handle. Just the act of turning the stones over in your hands can be very soothing and help you to get into the right frame of mind for reading tarot or any other spiritual work. They also look nice displayed in bowls around your home and can help create a positive vibe. You could also try keeping one or two stones with your favourite tarot deck.

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The four small jasper tumblestones I ordered, together with an assortment of other tumblestones, arrived today and I really like both the look and feel of them. The description of them appealed to me and made me realize that this is a stone I’ve always tended to overlook, which probably reflects my tendency to be ungrounded at times, so I’m going to follow the suggestion of keeping one or two of these with some of my favourite decks. They’re probably just what I need!Mordreth

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