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Agate comes in a variety of colours - these tumblestones range from grey-white and orange-brown to reds, purples and blues. The colour and banded (striped) appearance is extremely pleasing to the eye and can soothe and uplift the spirits. Agate can help you get a sense of perspective and encourage a feeling of well-being.

Tumblestones are gemstones that have been tumble polished with abrasives until they are smooth, shiny and pleasing to handle. Just the act of turning the stones over in your hands can be very soothing and help you to get into the right frame of mind for reading tarot or any other spiritual work. They also look nice displayed in bowls around your home and can help create a positive vibe. You could also try keeping one or two stones with your favourite tarot deck.

Small tumblestones weigh around 5g.

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I have several times looked at The Tarot Chest photographs of the Banded Agate and thought how exceptionally beautiful they looked, but only recently ordered some – which arrived today. The colours were brilliant and the patterns every bit as delightful as those shown. The most beautiful agate tumblestones I’ve ever seen. I look forward to getting more of these.Mordreth

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